The Ultimate List Of Fictional Boyfriends We Wish Were Real

Okay, look: If you've come here looking for Rebel Without A Cause-type of roguishness, this is the wrong post for you. Because this is a send-up to those nice guys, the ones that are a little flawed and weird but will do anything for their ladies — and look pretty good doing it. Sure, they might not all be the manliest of men (one is actually a woman, another is a werewolf…and a third is a robot), but they are the best guys that fiction has given us to fawn over.
So, fawn we do. Real, three-dimensional dudes ought to take a page from the book of these 20 heartthrobs, who are like Romeo without the suicide, Edward without the creepy, no-sleep thing, Barney Stinson without the…well, you get our point.
See which fictional dream dudes made our list!
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Lloyd Dobler, Say Anything

"Some in the office have pointed out his "stalkerish" tendencies, but let's be honest: He was merely putting the '80s equivalent of a Peter Gabriel GIF on Ione Skye's Facebook wall. Lloyd's amazing moment is when he trembles when he is post-coitally happy, and he also checks up on his lady (with no interference) when they are separated at the party because she doesn't know anyone. And he's the key master!" — Leila Brillson, global news editor

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Laurie, Little Women

"CONFESSION TIME: I've never read Louisa May Alcott's classic tome. But, the film version allowed me to dream of being glamorously tragic consumptive Beth, vain, gold-digging Amy, and — most of all — iron-willed, uncompromising Jo. As if Jo's move to New York and writing career weren't enough catnip for my nerdy, bookish pre-teen self, there's also the fact that sweet, devoted Laurie loved her. Not in spite of, but because of all her stubborn, impulsive, opinionated, loud-mouthed glory (sigh). Did I mention that Laurie is played by a stupid-hot, 20-year-old Christian Bale?" — Leeann Duggan, staff writer

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El Wray, Planet Terror

"Robert Rodriguez's gross zombie movie is meant to give us more 'icks' than 'awws,' but his burning adoration of Cherry Darling leads him into the depths of Texas zombie hell. When his leading lady loses a leg, he barely blinks an eye — and tells her to buck up, strap a machine gun to her stump, and loves her anyway. 'Two against the world, baby.'" — Leila Brillson, global news editor

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Peeta, The Hunger Games

"Okay, I am writing this knowing the full story of the Katniss/Peeta/Gale love triangle. Personally, I might have chosen Gale, but Peeta is a good guy. In fact, his undying love of Katniss is one of the reasons the audience, and Katniss, can feel that she's a good person. Don't forget: He's a painter and a baker, too, which is great in post-apocalyptic Panem." — Leila Brillson, global news editor

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Fox Mulder, The X-Files

"He's the kind of guy who starts off as a pet project and turns into an intense, turbulent love affair. It might not be easy, it's definitely not safe, but it will always be interesting. And if we get abducted by aliens several times throughout the relationship, we consider that an added benefit." — Lexi Nisita, assistant community editor

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Pacey Witter, Dawnson's Creek

"Last year I rewatched all eight season's of Dawson's Creek, and fell in love with Pacey Witter all over again. Yes, I said those words on the Internet. He didn't always do the right thing and certainly got himself into some trouble, but he's a lover not a fighter. And the way he loved Joey...sigh...we'd choose him over Dawson, ANY DAY." — Gina Marinelli, assistant editor

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Robert Neville, I Am Legend

"First of all, he's possibly the last man on Earth; you don't have much of a choice here! Second of all, he's so perfect that he's managed to stay sane, productive, heroic, and incredibly buff throughout a zombie apocalypse. What more do you want?"— Lexi Nisita, assistant community editor

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Aragorn, Lord Of The Rings

"Viggo Mortensen is a tasty bit of eye-candy, but as Aragorn, he isn't just a stoic warrior but also a sensitive, faithful lover. Despite meeting his human match in Eowyn, he holds out for his Arwen. Oh, and despite being the king of men, he still has goodness and righteousness in his heart. And he speaks Elven for his lady, too!" — Leila Brillson, global news editor

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Stéphane Miroux, The Science of Sleep

"Speak French to me and you've basically won me over. That, and Gael García Bernal brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the hopeless romantic archetype that I've secretly got a soft spot for. Just imagine all the wonderfully twee things he'd make for you. It's almost too much for me to handle." — Hayden Manders, news editorial assistant

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Sam Coulson, Never Been Kissed

"Whether or not you've had a crush on an incredibly intelligent, ridiculously hot teacher, you can't deny Michael Vartan's flirty allure. Plus, this crush is totally age-appropriate now, and we wouldn't mind planning a lovely Saturday date with Mr. Coulson Sam. We'll bring the wine; he'll bring the Shakespeare, of course." — Gina Marinelli, assistant editor

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Edward Scissorhands, Edward Scissorhands

"Alright, so there could be a problem in the cuddling, hugging, and holding hands world, but he has a heart of gold that we wish some of our real-life boyfriends with hands could have." — Hayden Manders, news editorial assistant

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Andy Whitfield as Spartacus, Spartacus

"Spartacus did something that very few TV shows can do: survive the death of its lead. Andy Whitfield tragically passed in between Spartacus seasons, but his version of Sparty (our affectionate nickname) was one who would do anything to get his woman back — even turn Roman. His wife Sura visits him in his head throughout the season, and she predicts that, after they are together, she will never love again. Not a huge spoiler, but...she's right. His successor Liam McIntyre does us proud, but no one smolders quite like Andy." — Leila Brillson, global news editor

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Tara Maclay, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

"Okay, so she's not a boyfriend...but, as this Buffy character so beautifully proved, love knows no gender. Sensitive, smart, loyal, strong, beautiful — she's the whole earth-mama package. Safe to say that we're under her spell." — Annie Tomlin, beauty editor

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Heathcliff, Wuthering Heights

"Part of the appeal of Heathcliff is the clichéd desire to save a tortured hero. Not normally my thing, but there's something about his brooding nature — maybe it's the period britches and waistcoats that makes him dark in a lovable way. Also, there would almost certainly be poetry involved." — Lexi Nisita, assistant community editor

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Alcide Herveaux, True Blood

"Part He-Man, part werewolf, which basically means he's a the ultimate hunky protector. He's the Adonis of the South. Need I say more?" — Hayden Manders, news editorial assistant

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Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mocking Bird

"Atticus Finch, the book version, is a sweet-tempered dream dad who gives great speech about courage, compassion, and justice. Atticus Finch, the movie version, is jut-jawed, floppy-haired young Gregory Peck, all three-piece suits, and moral rectitude. Pardon me, I need to sit down a spell." — Leeann Duggan, staff writer

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Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

"I could spend my whole life trying to figure out Dale Cooper — in fact, I have already dedicated a significant number of Netflix hours to that very goal. But if I were in a fake relationship, one thing would always be clear: His love is unconditional, and he's the sweetest man on Earth, even when faced with horrific obstacles. Unless I'm actually dating the Black Lodge version, in which case, no thanks." — Lexi Nisita, assistant community editor

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Finn Nelson, My Mad Fat Diary

"If you were a teenager in the '90s, Finn from the cult-classic-in-the-making show My Mad Fat Diary is basically the Britpop-loving, scooter-driving dreamboat you always hoped you'd meet at a Pulp show. All this, and an accent, too. And freckles. And abs. Yum." — Annie Tomlin, beauty director

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Wall-E, Wall-E

"Yes, he's a robot. But he is a robot with such a heart, such a commitment to his gal, and such determination he flies into space and teaches her the meaning of love. In fact, their love then saves the human race. If you don't tear up at that weird hand clamp-holding scene, you've got nothing inside of you. Fact." — Leila Brillson, global news editor

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Captain Von Trapp, The Sound of Music

"This man ruined the possibility of a real guy ever impressing me without raising seven children, leading a stealth mission, and defying the Nazis. And sing the whole time." — Kelsey Miller, SEO editor

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