Best Of The Week: Our Top 10 Stories — Feb 18 2011

1. Hair Trend We're Still Obsessing: Colored Tips—We know it's not a new thing, but we're still into the dipped tips! So cool!
2. Does The New Skinny Pepsi Can Promote Anorexia?—This article gave our editor, Connie, an opportunity to geek out about physics in the comments.
3. 5 Stars Are Born! Meet The Finalists For Our Next Big Style Blogger Search—Keep an eye on these stunnas. We predict big things from them!
4. Gorgeous Snaps! A Smorgasbord Of Street Style—Our epic 70+ pic slideshow took a week to make, but it was so worth it. Snaps to our amazing photographers!
5. The Best Cheap Eats In Los Angeles—Here's where to go if you value both your bank account and your taste buds.
6. Stalking The Coolest Bags At Fashion Week—Purse porn. It's a thing.
7. Three Pro Makeup Tricks to Try Now—You guys didn't seem to enjoy our tips so much, but we've been doing the foundation tip every day. It's changed our routines!
8. Hair Trends: Bust Out The Buzzed Look—We've got serious hair envy right now. Imagine the time you'd save on styling!
9. Watch As We Shoe Stalk The Shows!—This is one of your favorite features that we do, and we don't blame you. Omg, shoes.
10. Our Most Gorgeous FW Snaps So Far—Moments like these are what make Fashion Week so amazing. We're lucky to have them caught on camera!

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