The Prettiest Pics From Fashion Week So Far

Lights, cameras, (designers' collections, models in line, editors' notebooks, makeup artists' brushes, PR staffers' blasts, stylists' racks, journalists' pens, buyers' checkbooks, bloggers' keypads) — action! By now, you probably know that fashion shows aren't a low-fuss event. Every single facet of the fashion industry works to put on a successful show that maybe lasts for 10 minutes.
Of course, the impact of a good, solid show lasts for much, much longer, and we hope that some of the stunning photos we took during the week so far will help extend and deepen its reach. Amidst the hubbub, there are moments of pristine serenity as caught by our fleet of photographers. Sit back, sip slowly on your afternoon coffee, and take it all in with us.

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