Your February Horoscope Is Here & It’s Time To Enter Your “Detachment” Era

Welcome to February, cosmic beings! The main theme this month has to do with  practicing and learning the art of healthy emotional detachment. We have over four planetary bodies all traveling through the sign of Aquarius this month. Mercury enters Aquarius February 5, and the Aquarius new moon strikes on the 9th. Then Mars, the  Planet of Action, enters Aquarius on the 13th, followed by Venus, the Planet of Love, entering Aquarius on the 16th. This is all taking place while Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, continues its 20-year journey through Aquarius. What a trippy world we’re experiencing.  
Aquarius is a fixed air sign, which can seem somewhat contradictory in nature. Our mission this month is to own up to our own contradictions and accept that there are times when we’re walking paradoxes. Let go of all masks you may put on to try to present a certain version of yourself to the world — authenticity and self-honesty is the best way to flow through the month, particularly from February 9th to 19th, which are the ideal dates  for setting your Aquarius new moon intentions. Allow yourself to be as “out there” and unorthodox as your spirit calls for. Being true to ourselves will set us, and the world, free. 
The sun enters Pisces February 18 at 11:13 p.m. EST, and five days later Mercury also enters Pisces. Then on the 24th, the Virgo full moon lights up the skies and amps up perfectionist tendencies within all zodiac signs. We’d benefit from having more compassion for ourselves and others during this final week of February, as our sensitivities will be at an all-time high. Grounding ourselves in nature will be helpful.
Read your horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs for the most in-depth forecast.

Aries Sun & Rising

Aries, the month of February is dominated by Aquarius energy in the cosmos, which  activates your sector of friendship and social network. This will be your main focus during  the first three weeks of the month. If you’ve been yearning to expand your social circle  and meet new people, Mercury’s entrance into Aquarius on the 5th followed by the Aquarius new moon on the 9th allows you to be more open-minded and adventurous. Set intentions between February 9th and 19th regarding the type of friend you want to be and the type of friendships you’d like to attract. The weirder and more authentic, the better. 
Once Pisces Season begins the 18th, your sector of healing and solitude is activated for the next four weeks. On the 19th the north node in Aries aligns with Chiron in your sign, helping you get to the core of a recurring wound, and begin the process of healing it. The month ends with the Virgo full moon on the 24th, activating your sector of wellness and service. In the second half of February you’ll be more focused on the wellbeing of the  collective, especially now that Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, is settling into Aquarius, the sign of the revolutionary. Just make sure you’re not overextending yourself  in your attempt to save the world.

Taurus Sun & Rising

Taurus, there are four more months of Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, traversing through your sign, and we have no planets retrograde until the month of April. This is your sign to take greater leaps of faith, especially during Aquarius Season, as the sun, moon, Mercury,  Venus, Mars and Pluto will all spend time in that sign, activating your sector of career and reputation. You may be in the mood to completely reinvent yourself professionally, and this is the time to trust your instincts and allow yourself to dream big.  
Speaking of dreams, once Pisces Season begins on the 18th, you may want to keep a dream journal by your bedside. You’re likely to receive cosmic downloads regarding which friendships are healthy for you to have in your life, and which ones should be remedied or let go of fully. Pisces Season is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and Jupiter is currently in your sign, so you’re likely to feel a blend of whimsical and grounded energy in the second half of the month. 
Once the Virgo full moon strikes on the 24th, you’re likely to be in a more mellow mood. Your sector of fun, fate, and creativity is activated, encouraging you to simplify your lifestyle and allow yourself to be present with life’s experiences, without trying to control them.

Gemini Sun & Rising

You’re going to love the airy vibes of February, Gemini. The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto all spend time in Aquarius, activating your sector of expansion and long journeys. If you’ve been in the mood to travel, this is your sign to book that trip or start planning your ideal staycation. You’re feeling the urge to spread your wings and discover new aspects of the world, and of yourself. You’re longing to break free from the regular  routine, and now is the time to do so because no planets are currently retrograde. 
Once Pisces Season begins, your career and reputation sector is activated, and you’ll find yourself reflecting if you feel emotionally stimulated by the work you do. You tend to be an intellectual being, but having Saturn and Neptune both in Pisces is helping you find balance between intellect and sensitivity. Trust your gut instincts in the second half of the month — if you feel bored or dissatisfied with your current professional journey, be brave  enough to switch things up.  
The Virgo full moon on the 24th provides you with the clarity and structure to end the month on a more responsible note. Your sector of home and roots is activated by this full moon, so you may be in the mood to stay close to home or cultivate deeper bonds with those who feel like your soul family. The key is to not let your criticism of yourself or others get too intense, whether it’s felt internally or if it manifests externally.

Cancer Sun & Rising

Cancer, the month of February is teaching you how to let go, whether you’re ready to or not. We will experience the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto all in Aquarius at one point in time this month, and Aquarius energy is a fixed air sign, known for being quite different from your watery cardinal nature. You’ll learn how to make decisions with greater pragmatism this season, particularly since your sector of wellness and healing is activated by the Aquarian energy. If you can, spend time with people who have prominent Aquarius energy in their birth charts, and see how they flow through life.  
Once Pisces Season begins on the 18th, you’re once again in your element. Your sector of expansion, long journeys, and enlightenment is activated for the next four weeks, so you won’t be in the mood to do mundane work… You’ll be in the mood to play, to dream, to travel, to learn, and to expand consciousness — both your own and humanity’s. Surround yourself with people who pour positive and nurturing energy into your life. The Virgo full moon on the 24th will help you learn the art of setting healthy boundaries, especially if you’ve felt taken for granted lately. 

Leo Sun & Rising

Leo, now that your annual full moon has come and gone, you’re noticing sparks of fire and creative inspiration emerging from within you. With several planets traveling through Aquarius this month, it’s likely that people around you — such as romantic and creative partners — will notice these sparks too. If you maintain a collaborative mindset you’ll notice that opportunities come knocking on your door this month, and it’s up to you to have discernment to know which ones are worth your while and which ones are distractions. 
Pisces Season begins on the 18th and activates your sector of depth and merging for the next four weeks. Your attention shifts to finding creative and heart-centered ways to grow your nest egg and create generational wealth. The key is to pace yourself throughout this process, even if you’re looking for exponential financial growth. Crafting essential partnerships is the key to feeling confident in your decision-making process, because ideally you’ll be in collaboration with those who share your ideals and values. By the time the Virgo full moon strikes on the 24th in your money sector, you’re likely to  have a clear gameplay for how to continue to maximize your earning potential this year and beyond. 

Virgo Sun & Rising

Virgo, life may feel a bit awkward during the first three weeks of the month, as the radical Aquarius energy in the cosmos is throwing you out of your comfort zone and teaching you how to disrupt the status quo and make sure you’re doing what you really want to be doing, rather than what you’ve been conditioned to be doing. If you feel like you’re going crazy, you’re not… You’re just evolving at a rapid pace. Take time to pace and ground yourself this season. 
Once the sun shifts into Pisces on the 18th, your sector of partnership and marriage is activated for the next four weeks. Your more sentimental side is likely to emerge during this transit, and since both Saturn and Neptune are currently traveling through Pisces as well, whatever connections you nurture or call in during Pisces Season are likely to have a long-term, somewhat intoxicating effect on you. Your mission should be to be present  with the magic of co-creation rather than attempting to control or micromanage it.  
Your annual full moon occurs on the 24th, shining a light on your personality and soul purpose. You’re likely to have many epiphanies around month’s end, so do your best to keep your schedule light and nip any people-pleasing tendencies in the bud. Focus instead on whatever your inner child wants to do — let them lead the way.

Libra Sun & Rising

Libra, now that your planetary ruler Venus is in Capricorn until February 16, and then enters Aquarius, you’ll notice yourself reflecting on ways to show up more seriously and transparently in matters of the heart. You were feeling playful during last month’s Venus in Sag transit, and now you’re seeking commitment and truth more than ever. Attract what you desire by embodying what you seek. Find ways to open up to your lover(s) about what you like and dislike about the connection, and what you’re willing to do to improve it (if anything at all).  
Once Pisces Season begins on the 18th, your sector of health, service, and wellness is activated for the next four weeks. You’ll be focused on eating clean and sticking to a workout routine, but since Pisces energy is emotionally motivated, make sure you focus on your mental and spiritual health — take care of yourself physically and psychologically.  
The Virgo full moon strikes on the 24th in your sector of spirituality and healing, providing you with the opportunity to be honest with yourself about past wounds from the past six months that need to be tended to. Fortunately, with the south node currently transiting through your sign, you have a better ability to face your shadows and learn from them. Let go of everything and anything weighing you down at month’s end.

Scorpio Sun & Rising

You’ve been putting yourself first, Scorpio, and it looks good on you. This month is about further identifying what your core values are, as all the Aquarius energy in the cosmos is highlighting your sector of roots, home, and your past. Let your inner child take the lead  when it comes to prioritizing the activities that light you up — no matter how “out there” they may appear to others. What matters is how you feel about yourself and the life you’re living. The Aquarius New Moon on the 9th is an ideal time to set intentions for how you’d specifically like to live your life, in your own lane, with your own rules, over the course of the next six months. The key is to detach yourself from needing to control the outcome of your intentions, which could be easier said than done. 
Once Pisces Season begins on the 18th, your sector of fate, true love, and creativity is stimulated for the next four weeks, making you the ultimate hopeless (or hopeful) romantic. Prioritize pleasure, play, flirting, and creating during this transit, as you’ll find it challenging to focus on mundane affairs such as deadlines or responsibilities. You’re more in the mood to daydream, fantasize, and let yourself explore your imagination  without limitation. 
The Virgo moon on the 24th shifts your attention to your friendship and social circle. You’re feeling particularly selective about who you let into your orbit, but make sure you’re not letting skepticism or paranoia stop you from connecting meaningfully with people who have your best interest at heart… They might just be shy, so take your time to get to know each other.  

Sagittarius Sun & Rising

February is all about communication for you, Sag. What ideas have you been wanting to share with the world? It’s time to do so, especially since there are no planets currently retrograde, and your ruling planet Jupiter is enjoying its final four months through Taurus, in your sector of wellness and service. You’ll be of service to the world by bravely speaking your truth. Use the ten days after the Aquarius new moon (February 9 to 19) to put yourself out there consistently and unapologetically. Six months from now, you could become a household name. 
Once Pisces Season begins on the 18th, your life mellows out as you focus on homebody pursuits. You’ll feel more introspective during this season, which will be much-needed, due to the flurry of activity that you would’ve experienced in the first half of the month. Use Pisces Season to ground yourself in nature, listen to your favorite songs, cook your  favorite meals, and surround yourself with people who ease your nervous system.  
The full moon in Virgo takes place on the 24th and squares off with your Sag nature, which could lead to you being at a crossroads of sorts once the month comes to an end. A part of you is considering completely revamping your career trajectory. Before taking the leap, take time to tend to the details of what this rebirth will look and feel like.

Capricorn Sun & Rising

Capricorn, both Mars and Venus remain in your sign until the 13th and 15th respectively, which means the first half of February will continue to help you anchor yourself in your values and desires. You’re encouraged to be selfish and set the necessary boundaries while these two planets transit your sign — just make sure that you don’t get egocentric or obsessed with success in the process.  
The Aquarius new moon on February 9 can help you add more levity to your life. Set intentions for what success really means for you, not solely on a material or financial basis, but on a metaphysical level that surpasses societal expectations. You may need some time on your own to get to the root of what those answers may be, so you’d benefit from not overworking yourself this month, or using work as an escape. Be fully present with what’s coming up for you. 
You’ll have a better ability to do so once Pisces Season begins on the 18th, as Pisces energy harmonizes with your earthy nature and reminds you of the power of trusting the process. If you can, go on a vacation during the second half of February, especially once Mercury enters Pisces on the 23rd. Your creativity will be stimulated by this transit, and being in a different environment will benefit you.  
The Virgo full moon on the 24th brings more stable energy to your life, which is much needed as you’re still adjusting to Pluto’s transition out of your sign. Use this full moon to conceptualize ways to simplify your lifestyle, both personally and professionally. That may mean saying no to your typical responsibilities or getting better at delegating. The time is  now. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising

This month, Aquarius, the cosmos is dominated by your energy. The sun, moon, Mercury,  Venus, Mars, and Pluto will all be traveling through your sign at one point this month. Yes, this energy will make you more magnetic, powerful, and irresistible, but it also runs the risk of making you more arrogant, bossy, and self-centered. You’d benefit from reigning it in whenever you start the latter starting to take over.  
This month, surround yourself with people who keep you grounded and who don’t let your head get too big. You may be the universal favorite, but Pluto’s just barely beginning its 20-year journey through your sign, meaning you still have a lot to learn. Your annual new moon strikes on the 9th, and this will open up a six-month portal of self discovery and expansion in every area of your life.  
Once Pisces Season begins on the 18th, you’ll notice yourself more open to learning, sharing, dreaming, experimenting, and letting go of what you can’t control. One of your rulers, Saturn, is currently in Pisces as well, teaching you to get comfortable with your emotions rather than trying to hide from them or deny them. Use Pisces Season — and the Virgo full moon on the 24th — to view your emotions as loving friends rather than foes that must be squashed.  

Pisces Sun & Rising

Your birthday season begins this month, Pisces! But before we get to that, we’re still in the midst of intensely Aquarius energy, with over five planetary bodies spending time in the sign of the water bearer this February, which activates your sector of healing, closure, and spirituality. You’ll most likely be in your own world during Aquarius Season — it’ll be a form of hibernation season for you and you won’t want to be bothered. Instead of acting passive-aggressively, you’d benefit from firmly and respectfully setting boundaries and making your needs and non-negotiables clear from the get-go. The Aquarius New Moon on the 9th is an ideal opportunity to begin healthier patterns when it comes to protecting your energy.  
Once the Sun enters your sign on the 18th, all eyes, ears, and perhaps some lips will be on you. Happy birthday, Pisces! You’ll notice a significant shift in the cosmos as you come out of your shell and are publicly celebrated. Mercury’s entrance into your sign on the 23rd further amps up your confidence and psychic abilities, allowing you to perceive the outcome of situations before they occur.  
Once the Virgo full moon strikes on the 24th in your partnership sector, don’t be surprised if secret admirers come out of the woodworks and reveal their feelings and intentions to you. Alternatively, you may feel like you’ve outgrown a connection and want to use your birthday season as a way to start fresh. Be honest with yourself about what your heart wants — that’s the easiest way for the universe to provide it to you.  

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