Fashion Wrap Up! The Styles Seen on Scene, February 13th

Catherine Holstein
Holstein mixed it up just right: she designed basics like plaid shirts and black dresses, plus some wild card pieces like purple wide-brim hats and dark, verging-on-witchy make-up.
A Minute With: Jess Stam
She loves her black crushed velvet dress. Then again, who doesn't, sister?
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Rachel Roy
Masculin blazers and snug corset-style tops; Roy's drummed up a nice contrast of masc/fem for the modern woman.
Trend: Black Lipstick
Black lippy is bringing the goth girl out of the shadows and into the limelight. Well, maybe. If the trend seriously catches. TBD.
Built By Wendy
Ms. Mullins gets under the [Asian] influence. We loves it.
Melissa Coker serves up what we've come to expect—cute cardis and bright skirts.
Geren Ford
The economy shan't crimp Geren Ford's style—luxe is as essential to her as ever—but it shall crimp the hairstyles. Yeah!
6119 Ilana Sunderland
Sunderland wants clothes so customly fitted that it's like wearing... nada. Well well, isn't that a stylish way to moderate exhibitionist tendencies!

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