This Could Get Annoying: Fashion Week Taxis Turn Into Boutiques

If you thought yesterday's kick off was exciting, just wait until this week, when Fashion Week begins and all eyes turn to Lincoln Center. While we're ready to take on the marathon week of shows, parties, previews, and paparazzi, we also know that means one of the few places to find solace and send a few important emails will be in the back seat of a taxi. Then again, maybe not.
Beginning this Thursday, Glamour magazine and Condé Nast will initiate the first way that NYC riders can travel and shop at the same time. For five days only, whenever you hop into a yellow cab you can put away your wallet for fares, but keep your credit card handy to purchase luxury beauty goods directly off of the television screen. By downloading an app, riders can become instant shoppers as they scan away to purchase. However, unlike the uber-annoying backseat TV buzzing that we normally silence during our 10-minute commute, there will be no option to shut off these monitors. Not interested? Not much you can do about it — unless you'd rather get out of the cab and risk missing the show at Milk Studios.
Luckily, since the majority of the city is not going to be participating in New York Fashion Week, these taxi boutiques will only be picking up in the neighborhoods that will be bombarded with editors, buyers, models, and photographer — namely around Lincoln Center and the Meatpacking District. While we're all for new and cool ways to buy luxury products — and scoring a free ride, duh! — we're not entirely convinced that this is the best way to do it. What's your take on the inescapable Fashion Week Taxi malls TVs: genius or more annoying than the pinching shoes you'll be wearing for the next 10 days? (The Wall Street Journal)
Photo: Via The Wall Street Journal

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