Who’s Making The Most Money Working At Fashion Week?

New York Fashion Week is glitz and glamour on overdrive, and money seems to be no object for those front-row editrixes that bank September-issue-sized budgets (or so their wardrobes would make it seem). But what's the story behind the curtain? Who's really making Benjamins? Because we love a good visual assist, take notice of the numbers breakdown in this Payscale infographic. Keep in mind, these figures are annual.
It's no surprise that Gisele racks in many, many millions (about 45), but did you know that the typical model earns only about $27,000? Surprisingly (or not), the legion of makeup artists and hair stylists—who work nonstop to prep the girls (like Ms. Brady) for the runway—have salaries that pale in comparison as well. And, alas, the rumors seem true—the ones closest to the front row do seem to have more zeros in their bi-monthly take-home, unless, of course, they're sneaking up there last minute. (Payscale)

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