Fashion-People Style Tricks The World Doesn’t Get

All bias aside, being a fashion editor is a pretty plush gig, and obvious as it might sound, one of the reasons we're most thankful is that we're surrounded by people who are constantly supportive of our off-kilter style choices. Want to wear a giant, poufy peasant top underneath a pair of leather overalls? You'll get high fives around here, not side eye. Step into an industry cocktail party after work wearing a flashy new pair of patent Birkenstocks? You'll get snaps from the host, we guarantee it. Taking risks is part-and-parcel in fashion-land, but we totally get that that's not how it plays out everywhere else. Remind us to tell you about that one Thanksgiving where we showed up in Alexander Wang sweatpants…
However, know that your community of cheerleaders is strong, and even if you get a raised eyebrow from that sourpuss in the adjacent cubicle, or a passive-aggressive neg from that guy at the bar, we're here to support you in your quest for next-levelness. Ahead, we've culled 15 style tricks that women with your chutzpah employ on the regular. And, if anyone throws you shade for — god forbid — wearing a pair of jeans that purposefully don't flatter your butt, please do send them our way.

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