5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 20 2012

The best thing ever to happen on Twitter? Grace Coddington is taking to the keyboard tomorrow afternoon for a Q&A sesh in honor of the release of her new book, Grace: A Memoir. (Vogue)
Kate Middleton is not interested in receiving free gifts from the Kardashians, thankyouverymuch. Rumors have the sisters sending a few pieces to the Duchess only to have them returned to sender. (Styleite)
You probably already know about the myriad issues of labor conditions, environmental pollution, and copyright infringement that make the fashion industry less than pretty at times. But did you know that your clothes might also be poisoning you? Ruh roh.... (Business of Fashion)
The Parents Television Council has just released its annual roster of "good" and "bad" TV shows. Whether or not you care about the classifications, the accompanying list of inappropriate words is bound to make you giggle. (ONTD)
Some people in the Twitter-verse are upset about Paris Hilton's recent store opening in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. So perhaps you might be surprised to learn that this is her fifth store opening in Saudi Arabia, where her handbags are apparently quite popular. (The Cut)
Image via Vogue

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