The 10 Best Upgraded S'mores In S.F.

With Fogust firmly behind us, summer's finally arrived in S.F. and we couldn't be happier. Bring on the backyard BBQ's, rooftop cocktails, coastal camping trips, and, in that same vein...the ultimate campfire classic: s'mores!
Yep, we've been pining for that oh-so-perfect combo of chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow in a major way. Luckily, a bunch of our local chefs have upgraded the dish big time. From s'more nachos to s'more cream puffs, here are the top 10 inventive takes on one of our favorite desserts. Dig in and get messy!
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Photographed by Jen Miyako
S'more at Charles Chocolates, $6
If you want that classic taste, but with totally elevated ingredients, head to Charles Chocolates, stat. The Mission-based locale offers a huge, open-faced wonder featuring its 65% bittersweet-chocolate bar, a housemade organic graham cracker, and a light and airy vanilla marshmallow (broiled just before serving). Bonus: It comes plated on a chic Heath Ceramics dish. Upgrade!

Charles Chocolates, 535 Florida Street (between Mariposa and 18th streets); 415-659-8770.
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Photographed by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
S'mores Pudding Parfait at Pinkie's Bakery, $6
Can you eat s'mores when it's sweltering out? Certainly. Just dip a spoon into this cool-to-the-tongue option by Pinkie's Bakery. The parfait-style treat includes two layers of torched marshmallow fluff, two layers of bittersweet-chocolate pudding, whipped cream, a layer of graham crumble, and a choco-dipped graham cracker on top. Grab it at the SoMa sweet shop itself, or order it off the dessert menu at sister restaurant Citizen's Band, next door.

Pinkie's Bakery, 1196 Folsom Street (at 8th Street); 415-556-4900.
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Photographed by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
S'mores Cream Puff at Pacific Puffs, $3.25
And, we've officially died and gone to saccharine heaven! Bite into this baby and you'll be greeted with an explosion of chilled vanilla cream that's bound to drip down your chin. Then, nibble the top (where the s'mores theme comes into play), and you'll find a super-rich chocolate icing, embellished with mini-marshmallows and graham cracker bits. Although all of Pacific Puffs' creations are amazeballs, we suggest calling ahead to make sure this lovely is on the menu if you're on a serious s'mores quest.

Pacific Puffs, 2201 Union Street (at Fillmore Street); 415-440-7833; Westfield Shopping Centre, located just outside the BART entrance.
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Photographed by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
S'more Nachos at Velvet Cantina, $6.49
S'more nachos exist?! Um, yes. And, they are delightful. The only dessert served up at this Mission dive, this sweet take on the savory dish consists of fried tortilla strips coated in cinnamon and sugar, drizzled in syrup-y Mexican chocolate, and piled high with mini-marshmallows that are torched at the table! How's that for an alternative to blowing out birthday candles? Bring a friend (or four) to share this one — it's hefty, but worth it.

Velvet Cantina, 3349 23rd Street (at Bartlett Street); 415-648-4142.
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Photographed by Jen Miyako
S’more for Me! Bread Pudding at Schulzies Bread Pudding, $4.50 for one scoop
Love yourself something super ooey gooey? The s'mores bread pudding at Schulzies should do the trick. The locally sourced delight is a combo of fresh bread (none of that stale stuff), the finest chocolate, velvety 'mallows, and graham cracker, swirled together for a filling, doughy dish. An assortment of toppings at the counter means you can customize your bowl, making it even more s'mores-y, if you desire.

Schulzies Bread Pudding, 364 Hayes Street (between Gough and Franklin streets); 415-565-7336.
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Photographed by Jen Miyako
Jar of S’mores with Graham Crackers at Knead Patisserie, $5.75
Pretty as a picture, this little DIY delicacy is served up on a wooden platter, with a trio of moist, sugar-coated graham crackers, and something like a s'mores-style pot de crème. Grab a knife (you'll need something narrow to get into that cute glass jar), and coat your crackers with the Nutella-like mix of torched marshmallow and rich chocolate cream. Dine-in only!

Knead Patisserie, 3111 24th Street (at Folsom Street); 415-655-3024.
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Photo: Courtesy of Recchuti
Recchiuti S'mores Kit, $25
When the regular Honey Maid graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate bar, and Kraft marshmallows just won't do, this take-home kit provides a major upgrade for at-home roasts. Included in the pack are all the supplies you need for eight open-faced s'mores (or 4 s'mores sammies): nine handmade vanilla-bean marshmallows, eight spiced graham crackers, and a bittersweet bar, all crafted by local chocolate house Recchiuti. If you don't have an open flame at the ready, just pop 'em in the oven (or toaster oven). Just remember: Microwaving these babies would be sacrilege.

Little Nib, 807 22nd Street (at Tennessee Street); 415-489-2882; One Ferry Building, Shop #30; 415-834-9494; Online.
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Photographed by Jen Miyako
The Towne S'mhore Caramel at Hooker's Sweet Treats, $2
If nothing else, you've gotta love the risqué name of this goody, found at the Tenderloin's sauciest chocolatier. The bite-sized bit has a graham-cracker base (adding to a cookie-like consistency), topped with a medley of marshmallows, dark chocolate, toasted pecans, a sprinkled of toasted coconut, and, of course, caramel. Extra perk: It's big enough to satiate, but small enough that you won't have to think about sharing.

Hooker's Sweet Treats, 442 Hyde Street (at O'Farrell Street); No phone.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sugar Knife
Sugar Knife Boozy Marshmallows, $7
Okay, so this isn't a s'more persay, but these boozy, made-in-Oakland marshmallows will sure as hell liven up any s'mores-makin' night you have planned. With alcohol-infused flavors like Hella Frangelica (vanilla bean and Frangelico), Back That Razz Up (raspberries and Chambord), and You Fancy, Huh? (strawberries and Domain Chandon Champagne), all you need to do is put these over a fire, combine 'em with your fave chocolate bar and graham cracker, and completely bliss out! Extra, extra: The local company is coming out with a s'mores kit any day now!

Sugar Knife Artisan Sweets, available online.
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Photographed by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
S'mores Crème Brûlée at The Crème Brûlée Cart, $5.50
The Crème Brûlée Cart seems to have a million and one tricks up its sleeve, including a s'mores-themed cup that'll have you reminiscing about campfires past. Grab a spoon and scoot your way past Golden Grahams and caramelized marshmallows to arrive at a healthy serving of silky-smooth chocolate cream brûlée. Now, that's a twist on a classic.

The Crème Brûlée Cart, 3338 24th Street (at Bartlett Street); 415-590-2929; Cart locations listed here.

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