The Easy Morning Routine For Busy Girls

When our alarm clock goes off and wakes us mid-REM cycle, nine out of 10 times we'll hit snooze...multiple times. What happens next is an all-too-familiar scene: We sleep past the 15 minutes we promised ourselves, bolt out of bed too late to make a difference, put on the first thing we see in our closet, and skimp on our morning beauty routine. The point being — mornings are hard. The last thing we want to do is wake up even earlier to layer on multiple products.
But we're here to share a secret that'll make your a.m. routine a little easier — multipurpose products. Start by prepping your hair overnight. Spray dry shampoo into your roots before bed to ensure volume and cleanliness the next day. You can also smooth on a sleep mask before bed, says Ranella Hirsch, MD, so you'll wake up to bright, fresh skin. Once you're awake (post a few hits of the snooze button), wash your face with a cleanser that'll not only rid your skin of dirt and oil but which will also be soothing and gentle, like the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser used above. Finish with SPF 30, and you'll be out the door before you can even yawn.

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