You’ll Never Guess What The Latest Face Mists Can Do

Two of our favorite things about #resortlife: refreshing drinks delivered poolside and the ubiquity of misting machines, which spit out just the right amount of coolness without making us wet. The only thing standing in the way of enjoying these perks 24/7? A little thing called work. While corporate America may not have caught onto the benefits of offering both amenities in the workplace, that doesn’t mean we can’t take matters into our own hands.
We’re starting with face mists: There’s no better way to refresh tired skin and lifts spirits than with a few spritzes of, say, pure rosewater or coconut water delightfully spiked with botanical extracts. Did your coworker just help herself to your La Croix, again? Is your skin looking blotchy after a few too many last night? Take a few deep breaths while spraying your face with these beautifully-scented blends and — boom! — feel everyday bullshit dissipate in seconds.
The latest crop of mists come with some additional hidden tricks up their sleeves. One can deliver a dewy highlight to the skin and another packs gradual self-tanner. Some prime skin for makeup; others set it. One was used by Coco Chanel herself (and just so happens to be a drugstore steal). With so many options, there’s a mist for every purpose and budget.

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