Extravagant Costumes and Glitter Galore at Last Night's Life Ball Pre-Party

The Life Ball is one of the biggest AIDs fundraisers in the world, and one of Europe's biggest spectacles, as well. In the past, designers like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino, and Vivienne Westwood have all sent models trotting down the giant red ribbon runway in designs for a cause, but because we couldn't quite make it out to Vienna this year (where the ball takes place), we made it over to 40 Thompson last night for the pre-party instead. The Blonds, Pat Field, and Alan Cumming hosted the event, while newly-displaced-BeaRat Paul Sevigny DJed and Richie Rich went on and on about how Heatherette's backers were big assholes (you gotta give it to him—it's hard to look angry in glitter). Party guests turned out in everything from floor-length mermaid gowns to fluorescent suits. Then they turned on a big Life Ball retrospective, and the glitter-clad crowd got a little teary-eyed and nostalgic. But when we said to Paul, "We're so sad right now," he immediately said, "Don't worry, it'll open next month." Guess some people have a one-track mind.


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