"Expert" Fashion Tips: Prep Girl Style Looks Suspiciously Like A Kinkos Uniform

No matter how well-versed you are in style trends, a good fashion tip is always welcome, especially when it comes from a trustworthy source. We're always on the lookout for new, stylish authorities, and in that search, we came across a video from Wendi Braswell on "how to dress like a prep girl," which—after watching the whole thing—could have just as easily been named "how to dress like a Kinkos employee." The components of a "Prep Girl" look are as follows: Khaki pants, a 3/4-sleeve collared shirt, and a sweater thrown over the shoulders… Also, a smile that looks like it's been sewn in place. Check out Wendi's illuminating video below, as well as more super-relevant fashion tips like 'how to dress like a cowgirl for a rodeo."
Photo: Via eHow
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