We’ll Have What She’s Having: Improve Your Sex Life Through Exercise


Even if you’re not one of the lucky ones who can actually have an orgasm while
knocking out 100 crunches
, exercise can definitely improve your sex life. “When you work out, you feel
better about yourself and your body,” says Amanda Freeman, founder of SLT in New York. “You’re happier to be naked, have someone else see you
naked, and you want to have sex more.” Not to mention that some exercises can not only help you be better in bed, but allow you to actually enjoy sex even more. Here, Freeman shares seven exercises to help you up your between-the-sheets game. Your partner won't even know what hit them.

The Be-A-Better-Lover Workout:

Get Into The Goddess Pose

Flexibility is key to spicing up your sex life. “Think how many times you’ve
heard, ‘She’s a gymnast. She’s double-jointed, so she’s fun in bed,'” says Freeman. It goes
without saying, the more positions you can get into, the more varied your sex life.

Yoga poses that help improve your flexibility in the bedroom include the monkey pose
and any other wide-leg straddles that help stretch your inner thighs; twists, because they
open up your hips, and goddess pose, which helps improve circulation to your pelvic region.

Going At It For The Long Haul

To make your lovemaking session ready for Fifty Shades of Grey intensity, start getting
your heart rate up during your fitness sessions to improve your endurance. Freeman
recommends running, spinning, boxing, or anything else that makes you sweat.

Be Ready To Hold Your Own
Whether you’re going at it via missionary style or reverse cowgirl, having a strong butt, abs,
and arms will help you make the most of your position, according to Freeman. Bridges, where
you work your hips and glutes, can help make being on bottom more fun, while squats
that tighten your glutes can help you get the most, uh, traction, of being on top. "Add in
some arm work (bicep curls, tricep dips) for those times when you have to help hold up
your own weight — you never know when you’ll be getting it on in a bathroom stall or

Picking Up The Pole
While pole dancing already had its heyday a few years back, it’s still worth looking into a class
if you want to reignite your sex life. “Women don’t know the full potential of the range
their hips can move in,” says Sheila Kelley, founder of S Factor, a popular pole-dancing studio. “[Our classes] give women permission to celebrate their sexy selves by encouraging them to
move their pelvis in ways that they don’t do in everyday life.”

The Most-Explosive-Orgasm-Of-Your-Life Workout

The Hump: Sit on the heels of your feet, arching back, with your chest forward, butt
back, writhing up and down like you're riding on a pony — or a lover. This helps strengthen
your quads and your butt and improves your rhythm.

The Pump: While sitting on your heels, with one hand off to the side, inhale up and exhale
back down into a modified, seated side bridge. This engages many muscles at once,
including your obliques, biceps and triceps, shoulders and back, and butt and quads.

The Cat Pounce: Start by lying face down, engage your quads and obliques, then push
your butt in the air using your arms only. “This is ideal for when you’re making love face
down,” says Kelley.

As for the pole, Kelley says that’s actually the least sexual part of class. “The pole does honor the
phallic symbol. But the floor movements are so much more engaging,” she says.

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