Eve Hewson Confesses She & Dad Bono Will Be Crayons For Halloween

Watching Eve Hewson command a scene with Hollywood royalty Sean Penn and Frances McDormand proves this isn't her first time in the presence of greatness. The 21-year-old Irish actress grew up around legends as the daughter to musician Bono and Alison Hewson. The actress, who also spends time studying at New York University, costars in This Must Be the Place, a gut-wrenching film about aging rock star Cheyenne (Penn), his goth best friend (Hewson), and the search to avenge his late father's Nazi persecutor.
This Must Be The Place, lauded at last year's Cannes Film Festival, was influenced by prominent rock bands of the '80s and '90s, mainly drawing from Talking Heads' David Byrne — who wrote original music for the film, which is named after his song. We chatted with the beautiful Hewson at The Cinema Society and Tumi's screening of The Weinstein Company's latest star-studded movie held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. She showed up in an ontrend, printed black-and-white Stella McCartney dress and Brian Atwood shoes. And while the super-down-to-earth Hewson talked about working with one of the greatest actors alive (Sean Penn), she shared a tidbit we just had to squeal over: She and her dad are dressing up as crayons for Halloween. Adorable!

How was working with Sean Penn and Frances McDormand? Did they give you any great bits of advice while filming?

"They didn't give me advice as much as they were just kind of amazing people to work with. Frances is an amazing role model. Sean was just such a good time. He was just really generous with me. You know, we had most of our scenes together, so it was really special. I just kind of learned working with him and through watching him."

You sport a very edgy, goth look in the film. Did you listen to any bands in particular in preparing for the role?
"I listened to a lot of Talking Heads, obviously because David Byrne did the music for the film. I had a pretty dark and twisted playlist for a while during filming. There was some Arcade Fire in there. The Cure, obviously. What else? Patti Smith. There was just a whole bunch of different bands."

So, you are currently studying at New York University. Besides acting, what's your favorite subject that you've studied?
"I'm doing a minor in child psychology. So, I think I just got hooked on that. For some reason, I took a class on divorce in America and was obsessed. I ended up taking a few classes on child murderers and crazy baby-killers. It's pretty sick, but I also found it fascinating in a really weird way. They have a really good department, though.

Well, that sounds pretty haunting…
"Yeah! It is really interesting though."

Speaking of which, do you have any funny Halloween costume ideas?
"I don't! I don't know what I'm gonna be yet. My family is coming to New York, so I think we might all be team dressing. We might be dressing as Crayola crayons, as different colors, all six of us."

Photo: Courtesy of The Cinema Society

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