A DJ-Blessed Playlist To Pump You UP

eva-shaw-3333-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Alvaro; Universal Republic; Fly Eye Records; Interscope.
DJ Eva Shaw is one heck of a global lady. Though she was born and bred in Toronto, it's safe to say she's everywhere-based. Before getting behind the turntables as a full-time DJ, Shaw spent most of her teen years in front of the camera as a professional model, globe-trotting her way to coveted spots in international magazines, fashion shows, and ad campaigns.
These days, Eva is on-the-go for another reason. The electro-house-progressive spinner is booking tons of shows — think massive dance halls — where she electrifies raging crowds with her trademark "intense" sets. Below, she provides us and H&M a taste of her amped energy with an exclusive playlist. Go on, plug in your headphones, and turn up the volume. Just make sure you have enough room to dance it out.

How do you discover new music?
"I get a lot of promos from record labels. My DJ friends send me a lot of stuff, too, before their stuff is released. I buy some music as well — Beatport.com and iTunes are great! And, of course, I play the stuff I make!"

How would you describe your DJ vibe?
"My sets are pretty intense and very energetic. I like seeing a wild crowd, so I do whatever I can to make sure they keep dancing."

What's the freakiest thing you've seen on the dance floor while DJing?
"Some things I probably can't say here, but I've seen a lot! I think having men's underwear thrown in my face makes the Top 3 Weirdest, though."

Tell us about your most trusted headphones.
"I use V-MODA M-100s. They're fantastic!"

What's the last song you Shazam'd?
"I actually don't even have Shazam. The last time I heard something I loved and didn't know what it was, it wasn't released yet so it was un-Shazamable! How frustrating is that?"

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