Estelle, Stam, and Strippers At Belvedere and V Mag's Summery Bash

"They wanted these strippers, and I don't know why!" one of the V editors said last night at the new Belvedere pop-up space on Mercer street, where white-clad waiters walked around serving up summery drinks made with the new Belvedere concoctions (fruity infusions of their standard vodka, yum). And indeed, young things in American Apparel get-ups gyrated away (okay, they weren't exactly strippers) while super-DJ team Harley & Cassie spun the new Yeahs song, which is quickly becoming the party hit of the year. Estelle co-hosted the event along with V mag, but the white pantsuit-clad singer made less of a stir than The City girls, Erin and her sidekick. Jessica Stam, meanwhile, played peek-a-boo with photogs by ensconcing herself behind a white curtain or hiding out behind the DJ booth. And is it just us, or does Belvedere seem to launch a new vodka every month, and then throw a fete to bring out the cool kids? Oh well, we're not complaining. More party shots after the jump.


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