Essie’s Fall Polishes Are Basic Done Right

Is it just us or has the term basic turned sour? It's the last thing anyone wants to be called anymore. But, the truth is, basics can actually be not so awful. In fact, basics can be (gasp) brilliant, and essie's fall collection is proof.
The brand has given us the reds, blues, and greens that we're always seeking come September. But, instead of typical matte, one-dimensional shades, essie has stepped things up in a huge way. Snooze-worthy royal blue is swapped for cobalt (Style Cartel) and peacock (The Perfect Cover Up), and blah-brown is replaced by a rich, bronze-y chocolate (Partner in Crime). There's even a red in there that is somehow the perfect intersection between candy apple, raspberry, and cherry shades. Talk about a fruit salad.
So, like your basic white T-shirt, or your basic breakfast of eggs and toast, or even your basic red lipstick, essie's fall line is one you'll go back to again and again. And, really, what's so basic about that?
Click through to see the entire collection before it hits stores September 1.