This Full-Body Lotion Is Made By A Meticulous Hand Model

As a product minimalist, I’m in the habit of applying oil to damp skin after getting out of the shower most mornings (thanks to my, admittedly, uninformed belief that moisturizer isn’t really hydrating enough for my inflammation-ravaged, sleep-deprived, 38-year-old skin). And, while I’m still a die-hard devotee of the serums that kept me emulsified (shout out to Aesop’s Fabulous Face Oil and Lesse’s Ritual Serum), using only oils often left my face just that — oily. While in the moisturizer-curious mood, I was delightfully drawn in by the discovery of a $39 lotion with celebrity approval and one very compelling backstory: it's made by a very well-hydrated hand model.
Model Adele Uddo admits that she moisturizes “probably 5-ish to 15-ish times a day” — a meticulous habit necessitated by her decades-long career as a “parts” model, where any number of her extremities (legs, lips, eyes, and, most notably, hands) are photographed in extreme detail. Although diligent skin care has always been vital to Uddo’s livelihood, she once struggled with finding effective moisturizers among the conventional options. “I found most of them to be pretty overpriced and ironically filled with cheap, questionable ingredients,” she explains, adding that the “need for a separate eye cream, hand cream, face cream, foot cream, and body cream [is] excessive because skin is really ultimately made of the same stuff.” So, instead of settling for separate subpar products, she started making her own all-in-one lotion.

Essentiel by Adele is the brand name behind Uddo's single offering that she spent a year perfecting before its launch in 2018; a clean, expertly formulated all-over body lotion simply called Moisture. Available in a full 8.4-ounce bottle, a 1.7-ounce travel size, and a value bundle duo of the two sizes, the cream consists of a powerful combination of clean, all-natural ingredients that the founder experimented with in her Southern California kitchen.
Photo: Courtesy of Adele Uddo.
Uddo’s hand in a marketing image for nail care brand OPI in the early 2000s.

Essentiel by Adele Moisture Ingredients

When Uddo set out to create her ideal moisturizer, she “chose each specific ingredient for a specific purpose” that would amount to “good, potent nutrition — food — for the skin.” Hyaluronic acid — the ultra-hydrating, naturally occurring compound that’s the main ingredient in plumping cosmetic fillers like Juvéderm — holds up to 1,000 its weight in water, and is a highly sought-after addition to many moisturizers. Coffee berry is a superfood and a powerhouse natural antioxidant, helping protect cells from environmental toxins. The lotion also contains MSM, a naturally-occurring sulfur compound that is essential for the production of collagen. “Sulfur is the third most powerful mineral in our bodies,” the model explains. The essential oils were chosen both for their heavenly fragrances and skin-enhancing properties: frankincense packs a wallop of antibacterial properties, lavender is a known antiseptic, and geranium improves elasticity.

Product nerds and beauty noobs alike should proceed directly to the brand’s ingredient dictionary, which lists every single component of the signature moisturizer, from the exotic (helichrysum) to the stabilizing (vegetable-derived glycerin), along with a detailed explanation of its function.

Obsessed is the word to describe how I feel. It is a game-changer for me—truly an all-in-one lotion—I use it on my face, feet, hands and legs.

Essentiel By Adele reviewer

Essentiel by Adele Moisture Reviews

Superfans who have seen positive results from Moisture range from the A-list likes of Chrissy Teigen — who says that her skin “eats up” the “genius” formulation — to celebrity makeup artist Tracy Murphy — who declares it “AMAZING.” One reviewer wrote: “Obsessed is the word to describe how I feel. It is a game-changer for me – truly an all-in-one lotion — I use it on my face, feet, hands, and legs. A little goes a long way because it’s so rich without being greasy or thick.” Another reviewer with combination oily-sensitive skin explained that the product never “clogged [their] pores or made [them] break out once!” They added: “The consistency is really luxurious; a nice feel on the skin and never greasy. And the smell is so soothing!"

I responded to the lotion almost immediately. At first, I applied it kind of timidly (like I would an oil) but, once I realized how much my skin soaked it up, I started slathering it on every morning. I found nary an excess of product after a few minutes post-use, just soft-to-the-touch and sublimely hydrated skin. The precise mix of fragrant essential oils emits powerful spa-like floral notes that evaporate quickly. Softness aside, I feel like the clarity of my face has also improved — I’m noticing less redness and dullness, and a brighter, more even tone overall. (There’s an after-sensation of tightness that you shouldn’t mistake for a lack of moisture; that’s just the raspberry leaf extract working its firming magic.)

I’ve definitely met my minimalist vibe match in Uddo’s powerfully nutritious moisturizer, and don’t need much convincing to stick to a single product once I’ve found something that I like. However, anyone looking to streamline their skin-care routine could take a page from this meticulous model’s book. “I’m not a multi-stepper when it comes to skin care. [I]t comes from that hippie philosophy that I grew up with.” While she believes that we should “enjoy life”, it’s also important to “be mindful of the impact that our choices have,” and the environmental effects of stockpiling tons of products. Her brand’s signature moisturizer, she explains, “offers an alternative that gives you — essentially — what you need.”
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