Goodbye Paradise

Illustrated by: Anna Sudit.
The following has been excerpted as part of an ongoing Refinery29 series of erotic stories for women, by women.
The hotel room door opened with a click. We walked inside, and Caleb shut it behind us. Then he leaned on the door and sighed. “How lucky are we?”
“So lucky that it cannot be measured,” I said, looking around the tidy room. I kicked off my shoes, and then thought better of it. “Should we go eat something? Are you hungry?”
Caleb gave me a wolfish grin. “Not for food.”
Oh. A dangerous tingle settled into my groin, just from the look on his face. I looked away. I took off my jacket, and stripped off my sweater. I was tired of wearing the same less-than-clean clothes. “Tomorrow we can do laundry, maybe,” I said. It wasn’t that I wanted to discuss laundry. But I was feeling self-conscious all of a sudden, now that I was alone in a bedroom with Caleb.
If Caleb had an opinion about laundry, I didn’t hear it. He walked over to one of the beds, yanking down the covers, exposing the sheets. Then he began to methodically remove all his clothes. He didn’t stop at the sweater, like I had. His shirt, T-shirt, jeans and socks all hit the deck.
I swallowed hard as he removed his boxers, tossing them aside. He lay down on his back, gloriously naked. I just stood there, while my mouth went dry and my dick went hard at the same time.
Caleb put a hand down to his semi-hard cock and gave it a slow stroke. Then he raised smoky eyes to mine and smiled. “Josh, I know you’re not as comfortable with the idea of touching me as I am with the idea of touching you. But I need to get off. I’ve been hard for 24 hours. Or 20 years, depending on how you count. So I’m going to take care of that problem whether you help or not.”
I took a long blink.
He chuckled. Then, with one hand, he teased his own nipple. “Mmm,” he said, shifting suggestively. “Sometimes I think about you sucking on me right here. And right here,” he moved his hand languidly across his chest, tweaking his other nipple.
Lord help me. I wanted to do exactly what he suggested. But I wasn’t sure I should. Slowly, I removed my trousers, leaving my boxers on.
With his other hand, Caleb cupped his balls. “You could touch me here, sometime,” he said. “And here.” He moved his hand onto his cock. “Yeah, just like that,” he said, stroking. I’d never actually seen Caleb erect before. We’d changed in the same room many times, but usually I tried to look away. And last night he had stayed covered up.
So this was the first time I’d ever seen what I’d been dreaming about for years. He was beautiful— so thick and blush-colored, with a fat cock head that I just wanted to lick.
And it was pointing at me.
I found myself dipping a hand into my own boxer shorts. Just from watching him, my own dick was as hard as a fencepost. I gave it a squeeze. And you couldn’t have paid me to look away from Caleb as he slowly touched himself. There wasn’t enough money in the world.
But my feet were still rooted to the hotel carpeting, even as I began to match him stroke for stroke. He turned lazy eyes to my body and grinned. “Maybe you’re not ready to touch me tonight. But if you’re going to jerk, I need you to lose the boxers. I want to watch you come.”
Letting out a hot breath, I dropped my boxers onto the floor. And I shucked off my T-shirt, as well.
When I turned toward him, naked now, Caleb groaned. His eyes raked over my body, and he began stroking himself faster. “You are so beautiful, baby. I know you’re worried about sin. I get it. But those idiots who taught you to be afraid? They say touching yourself is a sin. And touching me is a sin. So why is one so much worse than the other?”
The man made a very good point.
“Josh,” he rasped, slowing down his strokes. His hips were canting off the bed with each languorous touch. “Will you please kiss me while I come?” His eyes had gone glassy, the lids hooded. “Please,” he begged, stroking himself. “Maybe I’m a sinner, but it feels so good…”

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