Erin Fetherston Collabs With LU To Make Cookies, We Move Up Two Pant Sizes

Perhaps moved by all these foodie fashionistas, we've been having a bit of a stuff-our-faces moment here in the office. We feasted on cookies and pizza yesterday, the day before we had three cupcakes apiece, and we don't really want to talk about all the bacon-covered chocolate we (actually) gobbled up the day before that. We're trying to detox this weekend with healthier non-chocolate covered foods, but as for today, we're going to chow down on these Erin Fetherston branded LU Crème Rouleé cookies. If you're like us, the cookies won't last for very long (we give it two hours), but the tin is cute enough to keep around. Officially on sale September 10th on Amazon, we're going to try and make this tin last until then (fat chance—ha!). Fashion and food? We can't get enough!
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