9 Women On Why They Decided To Pay For Their Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is often the first big financial decision a couple makes together. These days, it's pretty typical for couples to shop for rings well ahead of the proposal with the proposee choosing the ring and knowing the cost. But who should pay for that ring? Tradition stands that it's the man who pays and does the proposing (of course, this goes out the window in same-sex relationships), but as more women out-earn their partners, it seems only natural that they would chip in (or completely cover the cost) to get the ring of their dreams.
In November, we asked 10 women how much they think engagement rings should cost. This month, Refinery29 interviewed 9 women who decided to pay for all, or part, of their engagement ring. We wanted to hear more about the cost, the potentially awkward conversations they had with their partners, and how they really felt about flipping tradition on its head. "I was thrilled you asked this question," said one woman who took the survey. "I always thought my fiancé and I were in the minority."

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