3 Excellent Ways To Greet The Apocalypse In London

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Way back in the first Christian millennium, Mayan prophets calculated precisely when the world would end. Unfortunately for us, this happens to be this Friday, December 21.
Time to stock up on the baked beans, then? Not quite. Undaunted by the prospect of apocalypse, London is making the most of the situation and partying like there's no tomorrow. After all, no tomorrow means no hangover, no credit card bills, and no awk memories. Here are a few our favourite ways to chime in on Doomsday (or at the very least, celebrate your final day in the office before Christmas).

The Last Supper Club
Eat yourself into oblivion. The Last Supper Club has created a Noah's Ark-inspired safehouse where it's serving an apocalypse-inspired menu in the days leading up to D-Day. On December 21, you can expect tantalisingly named dishes including Mad Mac and Cheese, Day of the Shred, and Chicken of Mass Destruction. The evening is topped off with some Death by Chocolate, natch. There's also DJs and live music to entertain you after dinner, thus ensuring that you’ll be too merry to give two figs about what’s happening outside.

Where: The Last Supper Club, The Yard, 89½ Worship Street , EC2A 2BF


Netil House Party
Throwing a house party of epic proportions (i.e. no chip 'n' dips, awkward kitchen chit-chat and enforced shoes-off policy), Netil House is pushing back the sofas and dimming the lights for an all-nighter where you can commiserate with your nearest and dearest. Music comes courtesy of 4i2i, We Go Bang Bang, Thrust Club, and Rattus Rattus.

Where: Netil House, 1-7 Westgate Street, E8 3RL

The End Of The World Party
Wear what your want, do what you want, and dance like no one's looking. DJs including Crooked Cats and Rockit Riyad will be soundtracking your final moments on this fair earth, and they'll also be taking last (music) requests. We strongly recommend Boy II Men's "End of the Road." Brutal.

Where: The End Of The World Party, Village Underground, 54 Holywell Lane, EC2A 3PQ

Photo: Courtesy of The Last Supper Club

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