8 People On Who They Call When They Need To Talk

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
If you think about the people in your life, you can likely name the acquaintances you'd hang with on a wild night out, the ones you'd call in an emergency, and the ones you'd call just because you needed to talk.
Having someone to talk to is important because chatting through your problems can help you figure a way out of them. And, for those of us who get in our own heads about the things we're going through, it helps to get someone else's perspective.
Plus, sometimes you just really need to vent, whether it's about how stressed out you are at work, or you need someone to agree that your mutual friend is being a total jerk. Just like Rory Gilmore had Lorelai and Meredith Grey had Cristina Yang, you probably have someone you call or text when things get sticky.
Ahead, eight people break down the people they go to when they really need someone to talk to.

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