Egyptian Olympians Received Fake Nike Uniforms To Wear

We won't lie — we were pretty concerned when we heard Team USA's uniforms were produced in China, especially since it's a time of full-blown American pride. But, it turns out there's one thing worse than outsourcing manufacturing: counterfeiting.
Egyptian competitors discovered something was wrong with their athletic gear when, according to one Olympian, their Nike bags had a large swoosh on the front, but the zippers were Adidas-branded. It turns out that the vendor chosen by the Egyptian Olympic Committee produced completely counterfeit Nike clothing and products for the country's star athletes.
With 117 Olympians set to compete, some athletes now have to pay over $300 to replace their fake goods, a fee that shouldn't be a burden on the world's top contenders. Nike, concerned with the athletes being issued sub-par products, has reached out to the committee, but there's been no word back.
Whether the athletes will be outfitted correctly on their own or through Egypt, we're glad it's being squared away before the games begin. After all, we can't imagine the drama that would ensue if our greatest were sporting "Ralph Looren" wares. (Telegraph)

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