How Eggs Can Help Your Skin Look Damn Good

Apparently, eggs are as good for your skin as they are in an omelet. While egg-based skin treatments aren’t necessarily a new trend, the egg is making a revival in the Korean beauty world, with entire product lines, from cleansers and masks to primers and foundations, based on the protein’s beautifying properties. In Korea, “smooth as a boiled egg” means having great skin, which pretty much ties with “smooth as a baby’s bottom” for the weirdest way to compliment someone’s face. I knew the egg-centric beauty trend had reached a peak when I saw a girl rubbing a boiled egg on her post-plastic-surgery face. Yes, in boiled form, eggs are touted as an excellent way to massage away bruises.
So, what about eggs catapulted them to skin-care stardom? Well, they boast a treasure trove of face-saving compounds. Egg whites contain albumin, a simple form of protein that helps tighten pores and clear blackheads. The yolk is a nutritional powerhouse of proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids. It contains lecithin, which is a natural emulsifying agent and antioxidant, and nearly two-thirds of its sunny mass is lipids, which are great for retaining moisture in skin and hair. A quick Google search for “DIY egg masks” will reveal a number of eggy concoctions involving everything from garlic to bananas, but for those of you who prefer opening bottles to cracking shells, I’ve put all your Korean egg products in one basket.
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