Makeovers Like You've Never Seen Them Before

When it comes to hair, there are two kinds of people: those who think they are ready for change and those so ready for change that they let anonymous Internet commenters vote on their looks. We fall squarely in that second camp.
Last week, we told you we were going to give you complete control over the makeovers of our staffers. We gave you three choices for each girl, and the look with the most votes was the style we promised we'd carry out.
Well, 99 comments and a whole lot of heated arguments about the varying degrees of blonde later and we followed through with that promise. Ahead are the makeovers you voted for, plus the reactions from our brave volunteers and expert advice from Blackstones' stylist Jamie Cook and colorist Carla Naya Rombauer, who created these stunning looks.
Keep clicking to see the amazing transformations of Jem, Katie, and Sarah!

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