5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 18 2012

Tired of lust-worthy high-low collaborations yet? eBay is working on a special holiday collection, teaming up with the likes of Chris Benz, Fallon, and Steven Alan. Impatient waiting starts...now. (Businesswire)
Seventeen magazine just revealed a new video feature, "Ask An A-Lister," which is uncomfortably similar to Rookie's "Ask A Grown Man." You know you've made it when a magazine four times your age copies you, right? (Racked)
We're on a perpetual hunt for outfit inspiration, so we were giddy when we saw Flavorwire's round-up of well-dressed women on TV. Covering nearly two decades of sitcom glory, we suddenly remember why Golden Girls was so golden and why we'll never grow tired of Gilmore Girls reruns. (Flavorwire)
My, those fashion wunderkinds, they grow up so fast! Proenza Schouler turns 10 this year and we're celebrating a few of the highlights from the duo's perennially cool designs. (Fashionologie)
We joke about Angela Merkel (and sometimes Hillary Clinton) having a rainbow of pantsuits, but apparently it's not so far from the truth. Over the past few years, the Chancellor of Germany has worn suits in every shade of ROYGBIV. (Next Nature)
Photo: Via Fallon; Via eBay

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