Is It How We Eat That Holds Us Back?

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You eat tons of vegetables, organic high-quality protein, fruit, whole grains, and everything else you've been told is good for your health and weight — but for some reason, you still feel bloated, tired, and irregular. You're left wondering how it could be.
Well, it turns out that it's more than just what we eat that affects how we feel. How we eat also has a major impact on our health, weight, and quality of life. According to wellness coach Nadya Andreeva, our emotional state, stress levels, order in which we eat, and eating speed can all influence our energy, weight, and digestion.
In her latest post for MindBodyGreen, Andreeva shares her tips — which are based on positive psychology, mindfulness, and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda — on how to do away with damaging eating habits you may not even know are bad. The first? Stop snacking throughout the day. While the concept of snacking in between meals is often recommended for weight loss, Andreeva suggests that most people take this as permission to snack in-between their normal-sized breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. This means they will eat more than necessary, overloading their digestion and putting their body in a routine where it doesn't burn stored fat effectively.
Click through to read more about the eating habits you should avoid. (MindBodyGreen)

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