5 Hacks For A Healthier Week

Photographed by Molly Cranna.
In yoga, inversion poses are used to encourage blood to flow back towards your heart. And, it's also nice to just get your feet in the air for a little while. But those poses can also be kind of intimidating. So try this simple modification to get the benefits without the stress. (Prevention)
If it feels like you're full of mucus these days, it's not just you. Allergies have got us all a little phlegmy right now. Make sure to stay hydrated, though, because that will make mucus easier to get rid of.
Don't underestimate the humble sweet potato: This powerhouse of nutrients and fiber is the perfect versatile ingredient in pretty much any meal. (SELF)
Traveling across time zones is confusing for your bedroom and bathroom routines. So when you're OOO, make sure to keep a full water bottle and a fiber-rich snack with you to keep things on schedule.
This 20-minute stretching routine is a great way to ease back pain. But doing poses like these regularly can also help prevent those aches. (Health)

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