This Is The Easiest Way To Stop Procrastinating

Attention, chronic procrastinators: This new video from DNews could be the thing that finally gets you to stop stalling.
The secret, it turns out, is to quit berating yourself. As the video explains, a 2010 study found that if you're able to actually forgive yourself after procrastinating — despite what the consequences were — you'll be less likely to drag your feet the next time. Being kinder to yourself helps when you're in the middle of a task, too. For instance, saying encouraging things to yourself in the second person like "You can do it!" is associated with improved performance at problem solving.
So, although it's easier said than done, maybe it's time to cut yourself some slack. Because, all this suggests that if you're able to feel positively toward yourself — even during times of stress — you'll be more likely to make it through unscathed. And, hey, being stressed out has benefits, too.

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