This Magical Cooking Hack Will Change Your Life

I can’t remember when or how I learned about cooking in parchment paper, but I do remember a sense of disbelief and cynicism. In fact, I still feel it every time I cook something en papillote. There I am, folding the waxed paper over my food to make a cute little envelope before popping it in the hot oven, and all the while I am thinking, This is way too easy. This is never going to work. But you know what? It always does, and the food is light, flavorful, and delicious. And the best part of all? There is no crazy dish cleanup: Simply ball up and discard your used parchment paper, and enjoy.
So what’s the parchment paper secret? There is none. Just take your recipe's ingredients, place them in the middle of a long sheet of parchment paper, create a well-sealed little envelope by folding down all the sides, and pop it in the oven. Check out the magic that comes out!
Ahead, find three recipes that’ll have you cooking like an en papillote pro in no time.

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