This Easy Ice-Cube Hack Is About To Transform Your Cocktail Game

Any wannabe mixologist will tell you that half the battle is presentation. You have the booze (Smirnoff, please), but you just can't seem to master the way your favorite fancy bartender garnishes a cocktail into sheer, Instagrammable perfection. Well, that is, 'til now. Ahead, we're breaking down an easy hack that'll take your mixology skills to the next level quicker than you can say "another round." Don't believe us? Give this trick of the trade a go.
1. Fill your drinking glasses halfway with water.
2. Drop in thin cucumber slices, lemon wedges, or raspberries.
3. Place glasses in a muffin tin on a slant so that the water is diagonally filling half of each glass.
4. Transfer to the freezer.
5. Once solid, remove from the freezer.
6. Fill the remainder of each glass with your favorite mixer and one serving of flavored Smirnoff.
The Smirnoff Co., Norwalk, CT.

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