Dylan Byers’ D.C.: The Ultimate Beltway Insider’s Favorite Local Spots

Yeah, Dylan Byers is a big part of D.C.’s must-read site, Politico. He gabs on phones with actual, true-life bigwigs and reports on rumors, trends, and emerging stories which not only crystallize issues for this town’s Capitol Hill crowd, but often affect them. No wonder we put him in our 30 Under 30 D.C. roundup earlier this year.
But on another level, Byers is just another 27-year-old Beltway professional, with the same appetites and interests as the rest of us. Between reporting on the halls of power, he’s doing the same things you are — seeking out the best watering holes, looking for new dinner spots, and hunting down awesome places for brunch.
So, we tapped the 30 Under 30 alum to whip up a guide to his favorite D.C. haunts and hangs. Click on for a political insider’s idea of a good night out.

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