Dwyane Wade: Fashion's Next Big Shoe Designer?

We know that Dwyane Wade can bring the Heat (pun intended) on the basketball court, but now the star athlete is flexing his muscles in another way — fashion design. D. Wade recently collaborated with the high-end loafer brand Del Toro to create several cutting-edge shoes. How did this unlikely pairing come about, you ask? Del Toro designer Matthew Chevallard tells us he originally created a couple of custom-made pairs for Wade, but the Heat player was so enamored, the company suggested he try out designing on his own. And the rest, as they say, is history.
As of now, the shoes aren't available for the masses (the limited-edition pairs live only in Dwyane's closet), but here'sto hoping he one day designs a full-scale collection. In the meantime, check out our slideshow of the kicks, and revel in the star's many talents. Just, please, no singing career...
Photo: Courtesy of Del Toro

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