These Doctor-Recommended Scalp Treatments Can Make Your Hair Grow Faster

In the beauty world, it can be difficult to differentiate between clever marketing and meaningful advances. For example, the past few years have seen a rapid increase in the attention placed on the scalp.
What was once a niche market wholly owned by Head & Shoulders or prescription products — neither of which are very alluring — is now populated by more and more brands selling products designed to create and maintain a healthy scalp. And more and more salons and spas are offering scalp treatments for a myriad of reasons.
But unlike their predecessors, these new scalp products (masks, toners, even scrubs) and services are meant for everyone, not just those who have a problem to correct. Translation: Dandruff isn't the only reason to give your scalp a little TLC.
But do we really need to think about the skin that's hidden by our hair? Or is it just one more thing to buy for no reason? We posed this question to two different trichologists (experts who specialize in the hair and scalp) and learned that there are many benefits to a weekly — or even monthly — scalp-care routine. Think: more voluminous hair, less bumps or pimples, more shine, and, in some cases, even faster-growing hair!
Ahead, our doctors break down six common issues that can be corrected and controlled just by adding scalp care to your beauty routine.

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