How To Revive Dry Hair After A Summer Of Living Your Best Life

"Vacation hair," as the advertisers would have it, is tousled (whatever that means) and waist-length, with natural highlights and a shine only comparable to the sun, under which it basks. It looks like it would be as soft as velvet to the touch. But in reality, our summer 'do looks more like we've been fiddling with some wiring with soaking-wet hands. (Fun fact: Not everyone's locks dry to perfection when exposed to the elements.)
In fact, when some of us emerge from the sea, our hair is crunchy to the touch, and it seems to remain as such when we return home and sit back at our desks — even after a shower. We expose our hair to sun, sea, chlorine, pollution, bleach, humidity, heat, and over-washing (we really torture our tresses, don't we?) and yet we expect it to bounce back each time. So what to do when hot hair just doesn't look hot anymore? When a blow-dry leaves it looking dull, or a good comb-out still leaves it flat?
First, don't freak out. There are plenty of solutions to get your hair back on track now that summer is coming to an end — the majority of which can be tried and tested sink-side. Honestly, there's lots you can do, even if your hair is suffering from acute heat exhaustion. Here's the drill, ahead.
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Pre-Shampoo Treatment

Consider this a Chapstick for your hair. You dab it on to the areas that need moisture and leave it on for as long as you'd like, even overnight. Wash it out with shampoo and viola — easy hydration.
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Scalp Scrub

You should be holding your hair routine to the same standards that you do your skin care. With that in mind, you should scrub your scalp the same way that you exfoliate your face. That's where this clarifier comes in. Add a few drops into your shampoo once a week to get rid of flakes and product buildup.
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Hair Masks

For dry, brittle tresses, a hair mask is a good place to start. Unlike a conditioner, masks provide deeper, more intense hydration. Apply this this mask after you shampoo and leave on for an episode of The Handmaid's Tale. For even better results, pop on a shower cap and cover with a hot towel.
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At Home Hair Treatments

In a pinch? Fret not: You can make a nourishing mask at home, as Alex Brownsell, co-founder of London cult salon Bleach, shows us.

All you'll need are the following ingredients:
2 eggs
1/2 an avocado
4 tbsps of mayonnaise

Mash the avocado, whisk the eggs, add four spoons of mayo, and mix together. Apply generously to pre-shampooed hair as a conditioner and cover with a shower cap. Leave for 30 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water.

The protein in the eggs will hydrate your hair, while the the vinegar, soybean oil, and lemon juice in the mayo adds shine and locks in moisture. Meanwhile, the fatty acids in avocado also hydrate your hair.
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Leave-In Conditioner

A leave-in treatment, like this one, is ideal for people with chronically dry hair. Apply all over to damp hair and comb, or lightly coat dry hair and don't rinse. Your hair's texture will immediately feel entirely different.
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Hair Oil

If you aren't using oil on your hair, then what are you waiting for? PSA: Apply a pea- to quarter-sized amount through lengths and ends of towel dried hair. (Apply more if your hair is thick, less if it's thin.) Let your hair dry naturally; the oil will help smooth frizz and calm dry ends. This option works like a charm and smells amazing.
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Bond-Building Treatments

Bond-building treatments, like Olaplex, can help restore strength to processed hair. They are typically applied in three steps at the salon, and can undo damage caused by dyeing and styling. Your options: Either have it applied as part of your cut and color, or purchase Step 3 and use it at home twice a week as a leave-in treatment.
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Put Down The Heat

This may be hard to hear, but if you really want to replenish your hair, you will need to retire your flat irons and curling wands. If that's just not an option, at least don't think about using them without a heat defense spray like this one. It creates a thermal shield around delicate hair follicles to help ward off more damage.

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