9 Things That Should Never Happen At A Blowdry Bar

If there's anything better than a good blowout, it's having someone else do all that heavy lifting for us (not to mention, in under an hour and for less than $50). And while most of our experiences at blowdry bars have been awesome, we’ve also witnessed our share of sketchy practices. There’s the dangerous stuff that can cause breakage and split ends, and the downright lazy stuff that can mean the difference between a blowout that frizzes as soon as you walk out the door and one that’s still going strong a week later.
Ahead, we’ve rounded up nine of the most common blowdry-bar eff-ups — plus how your stylist should be doing things, so that you know what to ask for instead. (Good news: If you're attempting a blowout at home, these tips will work for you, too.)

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