This Might Be The Best Shower Curtain EVER

Photo: Courtesy of Elisabeth Buecher.
Whether it’s through saucy ads or high fines, Californians are encouraged to do their part during the state's historic drought. But this strategy might just take #droughtshaming to a whole new level. For those who just can’t give up their long, luxurious showers, this shower curtain serves as a reminder it's time to wrap it up. The curtain features inflatable spikes, and after four minutes the spikes fill with air, lightly forcing you out. The design is part of an art series from artist Elisabeth Buecher, who also created another inflatable curtain that envelops you after four minutes, leaving you trapped in its plastic mass. Sounds like a claustrophobic's dream, right? According to her site, Buecher wanted to create a playful way for people to cut back on excessive water consumption and stimulate a debate around environmental issues. We think she succeeded there — this might be the funniest way to save water, ever.

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