Drought Porn — It’s Really A Thing

The California drought has been terrifying us for a while now, but turning us on? While it might sound crazy, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission recently launched a risqué $300,000 ad campaign that will most likely leave you blushing. (Think: pictures of everyday appliances with taglines like "Go Full Frontal," "Quick and Easy," and "Nozzle Your Hose.") There's also the sexy PSA above, which includes everything from suggestive hose-spraying to an intimate hand-leathering shot. A recent report revealed that California water usage is getting better — down by 13% — but there’s still a long way to go to meet the 25% cutback ordered by Governor Jerry Brown earlier this year. San Francisco residents should be proud, though; The Associated Press reports that we consume less water per person than any community in California — about 44 gallons a day compared to the whopping 368 gallons per person in parts of SoCal. We don't know if these sexy ads will help the cause, but at the very least, they keep the water-saving conversation going. They also guarantee that we'll never look at a garden hose the same way ever again.

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