F*ck The Fashion Rules
Do Short People Have To Dress Like This?

Society tells us to dress according to our body shapes — and shorties are no exception. But because height is no limit, we're breaking apart all the rules.

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There are a few disadvantages to being short: You can’t see over crowds of people, reaching the top shelf is never going to happen, you’re likely to become a human arm rest, and the world tells you to constantly squeeze into form-fitting garb to show off your petite frame. And while some things are easily solved with helpful friends or step stools, the whole getting dressed thing isn’t so easy, or comfy, to get around.
While there’s nothing wrong with wearing clothes that accentuate your curves or cling to your body, not everyone with a tiny stature is into that look. And that’s perfectly okay. Because loose-fitting, comfortable outfits can be just as chic. And no, you don’t need any excess height to pull it off.
Above, fellow shortie Katie Cruz shows us exactly what being at ease in your clothing looks like. Tossing tight for baggy and stature for pain-free, let it be known that no matter who you are, what you like, or how you look: anything, and everything, goes. So next time someone rests their arm on your head, critiques your billowing clothes, or calls out your flats, you can go ahead and ignore them. We’ll be over here, dressing however we want.
Short Body Shape Styling Tips, No Fashion RulesReleased on April 29, 2018

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