F*ck The Fashion Rules
They Told Me I Can't Wear This — But I Do It Anyway

This ‘pear shape' is done following the rules.

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It’s true we all have our own insecurities — especially when it comes to fashion. And it’s no surprise — the common clothing trope tells every size, shape, and individual that they should dress according to their body type. Used as a way to dictate what is, and isn’t, considered flattering, it places a pretty big toll on what we think we can wear.
But scratch that — everything you thought about the dos and don’ts of dressing are totally made up (yes, really). Here’s the truth: Getting dressed is all about what makes you feel good, whether that means covering up or embracing your hips, belly, legs, and arms. As Jamie Gonzalez says above, “body positivity is something that’s really important because it’s the biggest part of you that is out there for the world to see. So why be at war with yourself? It’s just easier to love yourself.”
Watch here as Jamie banishes all the norms. She discusses being told to pick clothes that emphasize her hips and hide her belly. She found, however that stepping out of these rules helped her embrace her individuality — and then “rocking the fuck out of it.”
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Styling Pear Body Shape, Wear Clothing You WantReleased on April 27, 2018

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