F*ck The Fashion Rules
What Does It Mean To Have A Rectangular Body Shape?

Society tells us to dress according to our body shapes. But now, we’re breaking down those rules. This ‘rectangular’ body type is saying no more.

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The rules of fashion are always changing. One day giant sneakers are deemed out, and the next, it’s the new cool-girl style staple. But if there’s one area that seems to hold steady, it’s the code that says yes to flattering fashion and no to anything else. And for someone considered a “rectangle” body shape, the checklist is pretty straightforward.
Take Katrina Wheeler. Regardless of what’s “in,” she’s told to dress in flowing dresses and waist-accentuating outfits to accommodate her rectangular, lean, and muscular frame. But here’s the thing: no one, no matter their look, should have to mold their body, ever. Instead, fashion means dressing just the way you like. In the video above, Katrina does just that, swapping society’s standards for looser, minimal, androgynous options that are perfectly her.
Maybe you’re still figuring out your personal style, or perhaps you’ve got it down pat but are hesitant to let it be free. Whatever your story, don’t forget that there is no right or wrong. Opt for what makes you, and only you, feel great from head to toe. And don’t forget it.
Rectangular Body Shape Dressing In Clothes You WantReleased on April 30, 2018

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