F*ck The Fashion Rules
I’m Shaped Like A Banana — But I Dress How I Want

Society says to dress according to your body type. But we're breaking all the rules.

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The rules about fashion seem endless and ongoing. There’s the one about never mixing black with navy, the tidbit about saving sequins for evening, and the anecdote that silver and gold should never be worn together. But in case you missed it, all those rules are meant to broken.
Unfortunately, we’re still often tethered down by the the more serious regulations of the bunch. Think: the gendered sections in stores designating where you browse. But when those constructs are challenged? The possibilities are endless.
Enter one "banana" shape, Jamey Jesperson, rejecting all the norms. Identifying as gender non-conforming, growing up meant they were restricted to shopping in the men’s section and told to wear clothing that wouldn’t accentuate their lengthiness and height. Sadly, many are tied down to the same limitations. Which is why breaking free from those restraints — and breaking down the whole concept of male, female, and the select few shapes of the body in the process — means clothing can take on an entirely new and exciting point of view.
Above, watch the magic that happens when “boy” clothes are swapped for colorful skirts, frilly selections, and bright options. Free of restrictions, Jamey's personality can take center stage. And, in case you had any questions, that’s totally a yes from us.
Welcome to MyIdentity. The road to owning your identity is rarely easy. In this yearlong program, we will celebrate that journey and explore how the choices we make on the outside reflect what we’re feeling on the inside — and the important role fashion and beauty play in helping people find and express who they are.
Styling Tips For Banana Body Shape, Outfit OptionsReleased on April 26, 2018

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