DVR Red Alert: Downton Abbey Returns, Don't Plan On Seeing Us This Sunday!

We're so amped for the new season of Downton Abbey on Sunday that if we could squeal over the internet, you'd all be reaching for your earplugs! The last time we were so anxious for a day to finally arrive was Missoni x Target's debut, and luckily, we won't have to wait out those last few hours in a round-the-block line this time! If you haven't feasted your eyes on fashion's (and culture's) premiere series yet, don't fret, you can catch season one online this weekend, and get familiarized with the Masterpiece Classic drama and killer costumes. But trust us, you will be dying of delight like us by the time you do! So set your DVRs now for Sunday, January 8, at 9 p.m., to be pleasantly surprised at how posh PBS has become. As of publishing time, there are only two days, four hours and forty minutes left to wait! Wee!
Photo: Via PBS.

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