Does This Start-Up Stack Up? Pose Lets You Broadcast Your Daily Outfits

We know plenty of girls who like to text their friends their daily outfits (especially when they all work at the same place — you've gotta avoid the Did You Get The Memo? effect!). Fortunately for them, and us, we've found a new app that lets you share your looks on a much larger scale. Pose lets you tag, catalog, and share your favorite outfits as well as get voyeuristic on other people's outfits (including bloggers, stylists, and much-beloved brands). They're right in the middle of a big promotion with 12 days of Pose and giving away goodies for each day until December 19. Download the newly revamped app here and let us know — is Pose something you'll see yourself getting addicted to, or is this a fashion app download you'll regret?
  • Of course! The world deserves to see these.
  • Only to stalk other people's outfits...
  • Meh.
  • No way. Why anyone would want to share their outfits is beyond me.

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