3 Easy DIY Decorations To Get You In The Holiday Spirit This Weekend

It's the middle of December, but blogger Sam Ushiro is inflating a swimming pool floating tube. Why? To get ready for a holiday party, of course.
When it comes to holiday decor, many might think mistletoe and string lights are the way to go. But if you have talent like Ushiro on your side, whose DIY blog Aww.sam is filled to the brim with pink pastel DIYs, you can expect some unconventional ideas.
In our 180 VR video above, Ushiro shows us how to make three crazy easy DIYs to decorate your home for a holiday party. With items you can snag at any craft store, Ushiro creates giant, oversized ornaments and trendy plant balloons to make any space party ready. And that floating tube? That ends up being the pièce de résistance. Watch above to get crafty.

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