How To DIY Your Own Brazilian Bikini Wax

WaxingPhoto: Courtesy of Bliss.
We enjoy a good life hack as much as the next beauty lover, but we've been under the impression that there are some things we shouldn't attempt at home, like extractions and Brazilian bikini waxes. But, it appears we're wrong on that last part. For your, er, grooming enjoyment, we now have step-by-step instructions on how to render your private parts fully hairless in the comfort of your abode — without doing bodily harm.
This little gem of a DIY gem comes courtesy of Into the Gloss, which features their senior editor's do's and don't for going hair-free at your own hand. She goes into great length, so we won't spoil the article. Let's just say it involves a damned good wax, a lot of privacy and a mirror on the floor.
About that mirror? Don't skip that step. No throwing hot wax down there unless you can see where it's going, because by the time you sense something's wrong, it's going to be way too late. And, good luck explaining that ER trip to your insurance company. We assume your plan doesn't cover Adventures in Bathroom Beauty.
We have to talk about this because we have feelings, and we're still not convinced that a full-fledged Brazilian is something we'd be brave enough to try on our own. A regular bikini wax, sure. But, the inside job where things get all sensitive? We're still mulling it over.
For those of you who fancy garden maintenance, would you ditch your waxer and brave DIY bush removal? And, if you're already one of those brave souls who do this on the regular, did she get it right? Feel free to wax philosophical in the comments section. (Into The Gloss)

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