Disappointed Woman Sues “Drive,” Wishes For More Car Chases

Sarah Deming is very upset that Hollywood just didn't deliver on Drive and she wants more than just the $12.25 back for her movie ticket. Apparently it's not Ryan Gosling that got her hot-and-bothered, but rather the disappointment that the flick wasn't the car-chasing adventure she anticipated, as per the trailer. The Michigan woman is seeking justice by suing both Film District, the studio that distributed the movie, and Emagine Novi, the theatre where she was not a happy camper. It seems that if Ms. Deming really wanted some high-speed action she should have just Netflix'd The Fast and The Furious and avoided all cinematic disappointment all together. But alas, it's to the court for the bummed-out patron, who clearly wasn't as pleased with Ryan Gosling on a jumbo-sized screen as we were. (Washington Post)

Photo: Via Washington Post

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